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Eternal Novice
FAWM 2014 
1st-Mar-2014 07:02 am
Another February is over and, as with the previous four years, much of my spare time in the month went to writing songs.

Technically, I ended with sixteen (where 14 in 28 days is a 'win'). Discounting the two that were lyrics-only and the four collaborations where I wrote music for Jane's songs, that's ten that I could possibly add to my play list. Of the ten, there are six that were written just for the fun of it at that moment and are non-filk or funny-once or experiments. (I regret nothing; practice is good!) That leaves four songs that might have a reasonable shelf life if I polish them up a bit.

Honestly, I'm not as convinced of that being a fair return on the amount of effort invested as I have been in other years. As always, the passing of time is likely to improve perspective.
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